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Not all dogs are born tough and with a strong immune system. Some may have deficiencies or intolerance to several foods for which you may need to nurture them more carefully. While taking care of such a dog, you must know the importance of appropriate treats and complementary dog food. Anco offers the Dehydrated Pork Dog Treats that are prepared with the perfect texture and consistency for a fussy or sensitive dog.

These pork dog treats can be served alongside any of your dog’s favourite meat meals or wet dog foods. Formulated with extra care by experts, these gluten-free dog treats contain 100% naturally-sourced pork. This dog treats recipe does not contain any other element or artificial additive.

Moreover, these novel-protein dog chews provide some essential nutrients to regulate your dog’s heart functioning and improve their digestive system, urinary tract function, and gut function. As soon as you switch your dog’s treats to these delicious Anco Natural dog treats, it will begin to make sure that your dog has stronger bones and muscles, maintained immunity and vitality, as well as a beautiful appearance.

However, since these are animal parts dog treats, they might contain small bones and cartilage. So, it is always advised to keep an eye on your dog when it is alone with its treats or toys.

Product Benefits

  • 100% natural and ethically-sourced pork dog treats
  • Contains only air-dried pork meat and no artificial additives
  • Rich in protein, healthy fats, and fibres to support bones, muscles, and joints
  • Suitable to serve with complete dog food, raw meat meals, and wet dog food
  • Free from grains or gluten-rich ingredients to make it safe for sensitive dogs as well