Rockies Baby Yellow Licks 2kg



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Weight 2 kg

Yellow Rockies® contain a balanced formulation of minerals and trace elements including cobalt, which is required for correct rumen function and production of Vitamin B12 – without which lambs and cattle can develop pine and selenium – needed for muscle development and to assist in maintaining body temperature. A selenium deficiency can lead to white muscle disease in calves, lambs and kids.

Typical Analysis

  • Magnesium (Mg) – 1000 (mg/kg)
    •Iron (Fe) – 200 (mg/kg)
    •Cobalt (Co) – 100 (mg/kg)
    •Iodine (I) – 50 (mg/kg)
    •Manganese (Mn) – 100 (mg/kg)
    •Zinc (Zn) – 120 (mg/kg)
    •Selenium (Se) – 20 (mg/kg)
    •Sodium (Na) – 38%