Peckers Robin & Songbird 15kg



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Additional information

Weight 15 kg
  • This product has been designed with the dual purpose of attracting both Robins &               Songbirds alike
  • This is the perfect feed for offering at any time of the year as an energy boost to hardworking nesting and brooding birds
  • Many of the seeds in this mix have been chopped to make them more attractive to the soft billed robin
  • The addition of meal worms and berries makes this mix truly irresistible
  • Always ensure that feeds are stored in a cool dry environment. Offer small amounts often to ensure feed stays fresh. Wild Birds appreciate clean water for drinking and bathing

Typical Composition/Ingredients

Sunflower Hearts; Pinhead Oatmeal; Cooked Flaked Oats; Kibbled Peanuts;

Processed Oats; White Millet; Raisins; Meal Worms; Diatomaceus Earth.