Frontline Spot On 2-10kg Dog 3pk



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Weight 35 kg

FRONTLINE Spot On Flea & Tick Treatment For Small Dogs (2-10kg) 


FRONTLINE Spot On Is The Original Flea And Tick Spot-On Formula From FRONTLINE, First Used By Vets, Now Available Without A Prescription. Once Applied, The Treatment Will Protect Dogs From Fleas, Ticks And Lice – Use Monthly All Year Round.

  • Kills Fleas On Your Pet Within 24 Hour
  • Kills Ticks Within 48 Hours, Helping Reduce The Risk Of Tick-Borne Diseases
  • Kills Lice

FRONTLINE Spot On Is A Veterinary Medicine With A Robust Safety Profile. It Can Be Applied To Dogs From 8 Weeks Of Age That Weigh At Least 2 Kg. It Can Also Be Used In Pregnancy And On Nursing Bitches. Bathing/Shampooing/Water Exposure Does Not Affect The Efficacy Of The Product As Long As It Doesn’t Occur More Than Once A Week.If Your Dog Is Unwell, Please See Your Vet For Advice Before You Apply A Flea Treatment. 

FRONTLINE Spot On For Dogs Is Not Suitable For Use On Rabbits.