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CATSAN® Hygiene Litter has distinct characteristics specifically developed to meet the natural needs of your cat:

White hygiene granules

Thousands of micropores on the surface rapidly absorb moisture like a sponge, safely locking it in. Thus, the litter tray remains visibly clean and hygienic.

Natural quartz sand and chalk

CATSAN® Hygiene Litter consists of natural quartz sand and chalk giving CATSAN® Hygiene Litter the clean white colour.

The hygiene litter with extra odour protection

CATSAN® Hygiene Litter offers patented long-lasting odour prevention. Active ingredients prevent the growth of bacteria, efficiently neutralising odours before they can develop.

Guaranteed odour protection – IT’S THAT SIMPLE

Fill the litter tray with CATSAN® Hygiene Litter to a depth of approximately 5cm. Remove solid waste daily and occasionally shake the litter box to mix the granules. Completely empty the litter tray at least once a week and clean with near boiling water and a gentle household detergent. The litter tray should be completely dry before refilling with CATSAN® Hygiene Litter.

Tip: If you have under-floor heating, please place an insulating mat under your litter tray. This helps to prevent odours that might develop when moisture that is locked inside the granules is heated up.

  • Efficiency – High


  • Description of material – mineral granules made from quartz sand and chalk


  • Product description – hygienic white granules that absorbs and locks away moisture


  • Dust formation – extremely low


  • Odour control – Excellent


  • Special properties – outstanding odour control – extremely low dust – lightweight – hygienically white appearance