Dentastix 56pk Medium



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Complementary pet food for dogs over 4 months.

Plaque and tartar build up on teeth can be reduced by an effective dental care routine.

PEDIGREE® Daily DentaStix® has a unique X shape and, when fed daily, the combination of its gently abrasive texture and active ingredients, is scientifically proven to help reduce tartar build-up by up to 80%. They are low in fat and sugar free.


Feeding Instructions

Medium dogs, e.g. Cocker Spaniel, feed 1 stick per day.


This is a chewy treat that is only suitable for dogs between 10 kg and 25 kg. It is not suitable for young puppies under 4 months. Use each sachet within 14 days of opening. Fresh drinking water should always be available.

Typical Composition/Ingredients

Cereals,Derivatives of Vegetable Origin,Meat and Animal Derivatives,Minerals (including 2.4% Sodium Tripolyphosphate),Vegetable Protein Extracts,Oils and Fats


Typical Analysis

Analytical constituents(%)

Protein                                                 8.5

Fat content                                         1.8I

norganic matter                                5.3

Crude fibres                                       2.3

Moisture                                             13.5

Energy                                                  302 kcal/100g

Zinc sulphate heptahydrate        1045 mg



Sensory additives           

Beef flavour                                       842 mg

Chicken flavour                                 286 mg