Speedi Beet 20kg



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Weight 20 kg

Speedi-Beet is unmolassed sugar beet pulp cooked via a unique patented process to produce flakes which need a fraction of the soaking time of traditional sugar beet shreds or pellets. It is high in fibre, particularly soluble fibre which is readily digested and yields slow release energy, as well as being low in sugar and containing no starch.

With a Digestible Energy content similar to that of a conditioning feed, Speedi-Beet is a useful source of non-heating calories and can be fed as the sole additional calorie source, alongside forage, with Lo-Cal, Performance or Stud Balancer supplying those nutrients which are likely to be lacking in a forage/fibre-only diet. Being starch-free, Speedi-Beet is particularly useful for those horses whose starch intake requires minimising or controlling, like those prone to laminitis or tying-up.

Typical Composition/Ingredients

Unmolassed sugar beet flakes

Typical Analysis

·         digestible energy      11.0 MJ/kg

·         protein                   9.0%

·         oil                         0.7%

·         fibre                      16.0%

·         ash                        9.0%

·         starch                    trace

·         sugar                     5%