Elite Beef 25kg



Additional information

Weight 25 kg

A palatable complementary feed for growing and finishing cattle. High protein and high energy feed to support fast growth rates and good conformation. No need for added supplement, fully mineralised with Sel-Plex selenium. A range of quality raw materials used. Produced in 6mm nuts.

Typical Composition/Ingredients

Wheatfeed; Sunflower Seed Meal, Dehulled; Barley; High Fibre Oat By-Product; Palm Kernel Expeller; Distillers Dark Grains; Molasses; Oats; Products from the Bakery and Confectionery Industry; Calcium Carbonate; Sodium Chloride; Vegetable oil & fat; Vitamin Premix.


Typical Analysis

Oil – 4.5%

Protein – 17%

Fibre – 9.5%

Ash – 8.5%