Rearer 17 25kg



Additional information

Weight 25 kg

A palatable complementary feed for all growing cattle available in a 6mm nut. Formulated to support fast growth and good conformation. Fully mineralised with added Sel-Plex selenium. Can be fed to calves from 10-12 weeks of age.

Typical Composition/Ingredients

Wheatfeed; Sunflower Seed Meal, Dehulled; Barley; High Fibre Oat By-Product; Palm Kernel Expeller; Distillers Dark Grains; Molasses; Oats; Products from the Bakery and Confectionery Industry; Calcium Carbonate; Sodium Chloride; Vegetable oil & fat; Vitamin Premix.

Typical Analysis

Oil – 4.5%

Protein – 17%

Fibre – 9.5%

Ash – 8.5%